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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Orb?

Orb is a full-time streamer and Youtuber from Sweden. He has a background in competitive Counter-Strike and is an expert in creating really dank memes. Orb streams a big variety of games (mostly FPS) around 5-6 times a week. Get involved and join the community, we’d love to see you stick around! Read more

What is Orb using to talk to viewers and subs?

Orb is using Discord as the VoIP software for sub and viewer games. Not all sub games will use this but it will be the choice when needing VoIP. To join the server you can use our easy to follow guide.

What is Orb using in his Streams and Computer?

You can view all Orbs gear and computer components on his main website, here, the link should take you directly to the section.

What games can I expect Orb to play?

Orb is primarily a FPS (First Person Shooter) gamer, he used to play competitive Counter-Strike 1.6 and obviously has a passion for these kind of games! He also plays Call of Duty and H1Z1.

More recently he is opening his options and playing more single player games and other kinds of games! For Example: Euro Truck Simulator 2, Life is Strange, Game Dev Tycoon, Bioshock, and the list goes on!

Orb now has a schedule which will be updated regularly. You can find that here.

What mouse settings and sensitivity does Orb use?

Orb is using 800 DPI and 6/11 windows sensitivity. Specific Game Sensitivities: CS:GO 0.65 // COD: 0.8 // H1Z1 Sens: 8% Scoped: 8% Vehicle: 15% Aiming: 8% // OW: 5

How can I join Orb's Stream Group?

That’s awesome that you want to come along! The best way to join in on the fun is to join the official Steam group and sit in the chatroom with your game running. There will usually be an announcement when invitations are happening so do pay attention to the stream.

You can join the Steam Group here!
Psst! Subs on Twitch get first dibs when invitations are sent out. Become a sub here.

What platform is Orb playing on?

Orb is a PC gamer at heart, therefore chooses to play most games on PC. He will occasionally venture onto other systems such as PS4 and Xbox One, mainly with console exclusive titles.

I'm looking for a specific game in a VOD can anyone help?

We have got some VOD Guides for popular games and long scheduled streams! You can view the full VOD Guide list here. These guides hold direct links to time stamped VODs.

How and What is Orb's special Steam subscriber group?

This group is used for subscribers on Twitch ONLY! This is the place to be if you want to join Orb when he plays. You will have access to this group as long as you’re subscribed and this is used for all games, meaning even after the Black Ops 3 marathon is over this will still be used.

To join this group you must be added by a Steam group moderator. After you’ve subbed try to get a moderators attention in chat and you will be helped out shortly. Thanks for supporting the stream! Sub by clicking HERE.

What is Subscriber Appreciation Day?

Sub Appreciated Day is where Orb plays new games every couple of hours as voted on by chat! These games can only be picked once per stream and this doesn’t apply to franchises.

When/If Orb plays a multiplayer game Subscribers will be able to join, to do so they must be a part of the Subscriber Steam Group and Discord for communication. To prepare for Sub Appreciation Days please follow our guide here.

We also have a VOD Guide section for Sub Appreciation Days: here.

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Lets Plays
September 30, 2017


Orbs Lets Play of The Evil Within franchise, a spooky story central game.
Lets Plays
September 14, 2017

The Evil Within

Orbs Lets Play of The Evil Within franchise, a spooky story central game.
Lets Plays
September 5, 2017


Orbs Lets Play of the Uncharted series including Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Supporting Orb


Let me start of by saying that subscribing is totally optional. The main reason for subscribing should be that you want to support the stream. But yes, there are some perks to it. 

Subscriber Perks:

  • No ads
  • Invite-only Subscriber Steam Group
  • Custom emoticons site wide
  • Discord Subscriber Status
  • Special Chat Badge
  • First priority when Orb invites viewers to play
  • Immune to Nightbot (excluding blacklisted words)
  • Orb’s eternal love <3


Throughout the year you can expect to see some apparel from Orb, be it from the annual Call of Duty marathon or a Limited Edition run, these will be highly advertised throughout the campaigns life and will be featured across the stream and social media, so you shouldn’t miss them!

Orb’s Official Store will introduce new product designs every couple of months, the designs featured will never leave the store, so there is plenty of time for you to collect all of the apparel designs.

Bought some merch? Tweet Orb a picture of you and the merch for a retweet!

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I strongly urge you to SUBSCRIBE before tipping so you get something in return. And if you hate ads but want to support the stream, sending $4 is equivalent to watching commercials for about 8 hours straight.

$5 minimum for text-to-speech.

Thank you for the support orbLove

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