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We aim to provide as much information as we can in a simple way, we welcome feedback and suggestions to improve future viewer experiences.

We have a selection of Frequently Asked Questions available for you, if you have any additional questions please do reach out!

Ticket Support

We have introduced a Ticket Support system which allows you to send in a private message to the moderation team, this should be the first point of contact with most issues.


We have a selection of guides including Get Started with Steam and Discord, as well as a variety of VOD Guides available with Twitch VOD Links.

Orbits & Orbeytron

Learn more about Orbits and Orbeytron with our dedicated landing page and documentation explaining the functionality of the system. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Orb?

Orb is a full-time streamer from Stockholm, Sweden. He has a background in competitive Counter-Strike, while he still enjoys FPS titles such as Call of Duty, he focuses his stream on variety gaming and enjoyment. He streams five – six times a week on Twitch, and we would love to see you there and get involved with the community!

Read more about Orb here.

2. What games can I expect Orb to play on his streams?

Orb plays a variety of different titles from different genres. He is an first person shooter gamer at heart but enjoys exploring different titles and genres such as story driven titles like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Life is Strange, and Wolfenstein. Every year we have featured a marathon stream for the latest Call of Duty, racing to get to the master prestige, which has always been a great success and proves to be fun for the community.

TL:DR; Everything. Orb plays everything.

3. What platform does Orb play on?

Orb typically plays on PC as he prefers to play titles with high frame rates and that has support for keyboard and mouse, but he does venture onto the consoles every once in a while for exclusive games.

4. What is the deal with Orbeytron and Orbits?

Orbits is the loyalty point system for Orb’s chat and Orbeytron is the bot that handles all of that. The bot and the system is used for giveaway raffles at the end of the month and mini-games in chat such as Bank Heists and Betting.

We have a dedicated page to Orbeytron and Orbits here and instructions which goes in-depth into the functionings and payouts here.

5. What does Orb use to stream?

Orb uses Open Broadcast Software (OBS) to stream via Twitch. He has a Gaming PC and a Streaming PC which allow him to stream at maximum quality without taking a performance hit to the gameplay.

You can view all of his specs and peripherals here.

6. How can I join the Orb Steam Group?

Orb has two Steam groups; one open to the public and the other reserved specifically for Twitch Subscribers. These groups are essential if you wish to join Orb when he plays games as they’re the place from where you will be invited.

Details on joining both Steam groups can be found here.

You can join the Public Steam group here.

Subscribers need to go through a short process to be added to the Subscriber Steam group. Details of which can be found via our guide on the right.

7. What mouse settings and sensitivity does Orb use?

Orb strongly recommends that you find your own sensitivity that you’re comfortable with. Sensitivity is NOT something you should change all the time as it ruins the muscle memory you’re trying to build up.

But for the record he uses 800 DPI, 6/11 Windows sensitivity, with mouse acceleration turned off.

For specific titles: CS:GO 0.65 // COD: 0.8 // H1Z1 Sens: 8% Scoped: 8% Vehicle: 15% Aiming: 8% // OW: 5

8. Where can I find previous playthroughs?

We have a detailed list of which games Orb has played available via our VOD Guide page; this is regularly updated with posts with the Twitch VOD links.

You can view the VOD Guides here.

9. What OBS Settings does Orb use to stream?

We highly recommend that you find settings that works for your streaming needs, Orb has a two PC setup that most new streamers won’t have, and this allows him to stream with higher quality settings than would be typically found in a single PC setup.

Resolution: 1536×864
FPS: Lanczos – 60
Bitrate: 6000
CPU processing: Veryfast

Why the weird resolution?
In ELI5 fashion, H.264 encoders such as x264 divide the image into 16×16 squares when encoding the video. The slices go down to 8×8 and even 4×4 but whats important is the 16×16 number. The encoders slice the videos up to be able to better run comparisons and encode the video. These slices are what provide the great multi-threading performance increases, since slices can run on different threads. When a video is being encoded that has a resolution that is not divisible by 16×16, the encoder has to do more work, by filling in the video until it reaches a resolution of 16×16. If the resolution, divided by 16x is a fraction, thats not good. This means resolutions that are divisible by 16 can increase the encoder performance, decrease CPU usage, increase the encoder quality and therefore, increase the video quality (Since the encoder has full 16×16 slices to work with).

Credit to: Phil Eggebrecht at Elgato for the above tip!

10. Does Orb have a stream schedule?

Orb streams Monday thru Sunday from around 17:00 (Sweden, GMT +1), with Wednesday and Sunday being days off. For changes and extra streams make sure to have Twitch Notifications turned on for Orb’s channel and follow Orb on Twitter.

You can always find Orb’s Schedule here.

11. Does Orb have a Discord server?

Orb has a Discord Server for his community and the Incredibles streaming community. We love seeing the community interact with each other, be it in voice or text form. It’s a great place to find new gaming friends and to chill! Orb also uses Discord as the VoIP software for subscriber- and viewergames, as it’s easy to use and syncs with Twitch easily. Subscribers get special access to subscriber-only rooms.

You can follow our Discord Get Started guide here.

12. What Twitch Subscriber Perks are there?

While we wholeheartedly believe the main reason you should want to sub is to support Orb and the channel, there are indeed some nifty perks!

-No Ads (Ever)
-Subscriber Steam Group
-Subscriber Status on Discord
-Special Chat Badge (1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month, 24 Month badges available).
-Sub-Only Community Games
-Immunity to Nightbot/Orbeytron auto moderation; ability to post links, relevant to discussion. This excludes immunity to Blacklisted words.

-Giveaway Chance Bonus / Exclusive Sub-only Giveaways
-Extra Orbits (via Sub/Resub and regular payouts).

Subscribe today and become apart of the family 

13. Where can I find Orb merch/apparel?

What better way is there to show support than to proudly wear some official Orb merch? Orb has merch store which frequently gets updated with new designs and items. We try to release new designs every couple of months and they remain in the store permanently (if they’re not limited edition releases).

If you purchased some merch let Orb know via Twitter! Include a pic and/or use the related hashtag. We LOVE seeing you guys rock the merch!

Visit the store.

14. Where can I find Orb?

When trying to stay hip and current (yupp, Orb’s old), it’s important to be active on social media. Find Orb at the links down below and drop him a message!

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/IncredibleOrb
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IncredibleOrb
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/IncredibleOrb
Snapchat: https://orbie.xyz/snapchat
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/Orb
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/Orb
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IncredibleOrb
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/IncredibleOrb 

15. How can I contact Orb regarding a business inquiry?

If you’re interested in working with Orb you can contact him directly via his business email: [email protected]

Serious business inquiries only, please.

16. What is the 'Incredibles' Twitch Community ?

Incredibles is THE Twitch community for all the Orb viewers out there. We know many of you stream and we want to help you connect with like-minded streamers. This is a great way to grow your channel, improve your stream, and connect with the community even more.

Visit the Incredibles website here
You can join the Discord server here
Follow Incredibles on Twitter here
Follow Incredibles on Twitch here

17. Does Orb have any game configs available?

We try and provide the configs/settings for games which Orb regularly plays. Orb prefers to plays with the best performance; not necessarily having games at the highest settings for appearance. So do keep that in mind when viewing the configs.

You can view the available configs here.

If we don’t currently provide a config for a game you would like to see please Tweet Orb and we will get it sorted ASAP.

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