Welcome to Orb’s new help site; we have redesigned the home page to give you a portal to finding answers to your questions; we have also refreshed and updated the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions to be more up to date for Orb’s community and his stream.

A focus on the overhaul was to create an environment which allowed easy access to finding information. Be it from the Frequently Asked Questions to Getting Started with Discord, we wanted the most important key elements to be accessible through the front page. We have a section for Recent Lets played (the most recent 4), for Recent Updates (Such as this one), buttons to link to the New Ticket Support system and the Getting Started with Discord and Steam guides.


About the Ticket Support System

A lot of work has gone into updating the site to allow easy access to the support system. The Ticket Support System is what we hope to be the first point of contact for you, the viewers and subscribers, to resolving any issues you have with the stream. This is as opposed to whispering a moderator or asking on Discord. This will streamline the support we offer and allow us to provide the best support we can.

To get started with the Ticket Support System we have a follow up guide which you can view here. This guide will go into the details about the system and provide information on what we can and cannot help you with.


Orb Support Accounts

With the introduction of the Ticket system we needed to provide a viable account system for the website; since we’re mostly providing support for the Twitch channel we integrated the Twitch API to the website; this means you can create an account just by logging in with Twitch; just press on the “Connect with Twitch” button on the log in page.

Just to note: No passwords are shared via this process; it’s done via OAuth tokens, which you can revoke in your Twitch Connection settings page.

We chose to do it this way to authenticate requests via the Ticket Support system using your Twitch Username and allows us to offer support directly without needing extra steps.