This post will provide all the relevant information regarding the new Ticket Support system on the website. There will be updates and changes in the future which help simplify the process if needed or to provide a clearer process.

What is the Ticket Support system for?

In short we wanted to create a streamlined system which provided a point of contact for the viewers of the channel. Rather than whispering a moderator on Twitch you will now be expected to use this support system for anything substantial.

What isn’t the Ticket Support system for?

Small talk and/or random matters. While we love talking to you, we don’t want this system to be abused in a way which wastes time, thus restricting our resources to helping people who genuinely need it.

Trolling will not be tolerated. We are investing our time and energy in making this system work as efficiently as possible while at the same time providing the help you need.

What sort of requests are we expecting?

We have a selection of categories which will hopefully give you an idea of what sort of we’re expecting the system to be used for.

General Inquiry,
Orbits/Orbeytron Issue
Orbeytron Name Change
Account Issue
Moderator Complaint
Ban Appeal

We’ll go into more depth about these categories later, but overall we want to ensure a smooth operation for our viewers and subscribers.

Who is responding to Tickets?

The moderators of the channel, when they have spare time, will be supporting you via the Ticket System. However, the majority of the time you’ll most likely be interacting with ImChrisP. Things will get escalated to Orb if needed and he does have the abilities to oversee what is going on.

If there are any issues with the support responses let us know via the Feedback category; only ImChrisP and Orb can view this category of tickets.

While we strive to provide support on a consistent basis, we have a general response time of *24 – 48 hours*, this will depend on the time of year and if there is an event going on.

Priorities and Statuses

When submitting your Ticket you will find a drop down for priorities, generally we will be looking at when tickets were submitted and their priority. Please don’t abuse this feature; otherwise we will remove it.

Priorities are as listed:

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. Normal
  4. High
  • Example of a Low priority ticket: Suggestion for a mini-game on Orbeytron OR Suggestion for an Lets Play on the stream.
  • Example of a High priority ticket: Missing Orbits from Resubscription/Donation OR Moderator Complaint.

Hopefully that gives you a good enough scale to work with on how we want this to work.

When you’re looking at your Ticket you will see the status of your ticket, this gives you an idea of what’s going on with it and what stage it is at within the process.

Statuses are as listed:

  1. Pending – This means you’re currently awaiting a responses from a moderator.
  2. Open – This means your ticket is currently open, and is awaiting your response.
  3. In Progress – This means your ticket has been responded to and is awaiting a moderator response.
  4. Awaiting Review – This is where your ticket has been submitted for review for either ImChrisP or Orb to review.
  5. Closed – Your ticket has either been closed by a moderator or yourself.